Cluster “Made in Italy” has allocated a fund to support the candidacy of 15 students and 5 start-ups for “The New Italian Cool Award”, launched by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and aimed at promoting talented Made in Italy designers on the Japanese market.

The competition is aimed at designers and stylists, split into two categories: “New” welcomes fashion brands that have been on the market for at least two years; “Upcoming” seeks fashion school students and recently graduate profiles. The winners of each category will be rewarded with a showcase at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce headquarters and will fly to Tokyo to take part in the awards ceremony.

To access support, you must fill out the form at this link explaining the reasons why you want to join the competition, attaching your portfolio as well as a black and white photo of yourself with a brief description of your journey.

The National Cluster Made in Italy, on a specifically dedicated page of the website, will publish all the portfolios received in order to give visibility to emerging companies and designers.

You can find out more about the competition at this link.