The objective of the Call for Innovation is to extend and accelerate the innovation capacity of promoters in the textile supply chain in the areas of sustainability.

Through this action, some proposals that are able to respond innovatively to the sustainability challenges that the promoting companies will have to face in the near future, will be selected, and will constitute the preferential short list on which to start collaboration, development and synergy projects.

In the final phase of the Open Innovation Call, a specific step will be carried out (Connection Lab) aimed at verifying and structuring corporate-startup collaboration schemes which may lead to the activation of PoC (Proof of Concept) or other partnerships, etc.

The Open Innovation path therefore constitutes the first step of in-depth study, of mutual understanding between corporate and startup, with the direct involvement of management, aimed at identifying a subsequent potential.

Areas of action/Challenge


Technologies, solutions and applications capable of enhancing the impact and skills of RadiciGroup and Decathlon Produzione Italia in the field of circular economy are considered of interest. In particular, reference is made to recycling, sorting, cleaning, disassembly, de-manufacturing technologies for the recovery of PA and/or PET from textile materials. Furthermore, innovative proposals in the identification and removal of hazardous substances as well as in relation to traceability and eco-design are of interest.


The interest concerns the possibility of identifying materials, new materials, biobased (non-competitive with food uses), recyclable but also composites and multi-materials that have the characteristics of environmental sustainability. Furthermore, solutions, technologies and know-how referable to the field of additives, intermediates and pigments are of interest, which are also useful for achieving environmental sustainability objectives for the production of polymers. Finally, aspects of innovation (on any expression) focused in particular on polyamide and polyester are also considered important.


Compared to digital, a vast range of solutions is of interest, capable of affecting various aspects of the textile supply chain represented upstream by RadiciGroup and downstream by Decathlon. For this reason, solutions and technologies that can affect, with particular reference to environmental sustainability, both the processes (smart manufacturing) and the products (smart products) of a manufacturing company such as RadiciGroup, and of a worldwide distribution company such as Decathlon Made in Italy. In addition to the products and processes, innovations and digital solutions capable of enhancing the traceability of the corporations involved are of interest.


This section highlights the interest of RadiciGroup and Decathlon Produzione Italia in intercepting, getting to know and possibly supporting companies that have conceived and implemented new business models linked to sustainability. In particular, reference is made to the ability to apply R-Strategies, reuse, post-consumer management, also with reference to logistics and packaging. Furthermore, initiatives/solutions/technologies that allow the sustainable management of the supply chain are also considered of interest, as well as methods of servicing production and share (sharing economy) between different subjects. Finally, solutions capable of increasing compliance with legislation in the field of environmental sustainability, in particular national and European, are also considered relevant.

Steps of the call

The main steps of the Open Innovation Call for Textile Sustainability will be:

  1. Opening of the Call and collection of proposals: Once the Open Innovation Call has been opened, start-ups, SMEs, business projects, research groups and innovators will be able to send their proposals until the 28th of July, through an application form.
  2. Screening: the applications will be subjected to a first level screening (for general checks and general relevance to the criteria of the Call) to then be analyzed on the merits by the Technical-Scientific Committee, together with the management of the promoting companies.
  3. Short List/Demo day: the selection activity will give rise to a reduced list of initiatives of interest – indicatively, it is possible to imagine one for each area of interest – which will have the possibility to start a discussion with the management of the promoting companies.
  4. Connection Lab: for the two champion proposals identified, respectively by RadiciGroup and Decathlon Produzione Italia, a path will be activated (one-month) aimed at a guided in-depth analysis for the definition of a possible Collaboration Plan and/or realization of Proof of Concept (POC ) with the companies promoting the call.


The call is addressed to:

  • STARTUPS AND SMEs – already established, innovative startups and SMEs preferably;
  • ENTERPRISE PROJECTS – not yet established but with a business idea already developed;
  • RESEARCH GROUPS – referring to entities, institutions, public or private research organizations;
  • INNOVATORS – meant as private persons (inventors, makers, researchers, students, etc) possessing the ownership of the submitted project.


The call is open until the 28th of July 2023. It is possible to participate by clicking on the “Application Form” button (below and to the side)