The Cluster MinIT organizes and endorses various yet synergistic activities, which are open to the public or private for its members, such as:
– events: seminars, dissemination events, exhibitions and workshops;
– the newsletter;
– projects: e.g., public-private research projects.



MinIt enabled 3 topic-related workgroups that promote the interaction between universities, companies, innovation hubs, land development agencies, and other paramount stakeholders engaged in Made in Italy. These actors discuss strategic themes for this sector such as circular economy, new business models and traceability.


Subscribers to MinIt’s newsletter receive it every two months. It covers the main topics as they are updated within the Cluster – such as events, news, business models, and success stories – and the stories revolving around the world of the economy of Made in Italy. Here you can find all the previous newsletters and sign up to stay updated on the world of manufacturing 4.0.
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Cluster MinIt is a network of people committed to companies, innovations, and projects. In this section, you can find all the documents concerning the works of who participates in the life of MinIt and all the activities organized by the Cluster so far.
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