On 19 and 20 July, the Cluster MinIT and the University of Calabria will arrange for the event “Armonicamente 4.0: Innovation trajectories for Made in Italy”, which is a program of online meetings designed to delve into several themes of strategic interest for Made in Italy.
Armonicamente is a series of events that have been organized in Italy for many years with the aim to foster many-voiced thoughts and insights among representatives and spokespersons for science and culture. Since 2020, ARMONICAMENTE 4.0 has also embraced the industrial world with the idea of creating a shared forum where academia and industry could share ideas, needs, and experiences.
The 2021 edition wants to promote a debate on the innovation scenarios of Made in Italy and raise awareness to the public about the potentialities to kick-start new ways of entrepreneurship, especially in the areas of South Italy. The matters under discussion will be ongoing phenomena and trends.
Several virtuous cases and experiences will be told referring to the role played by universities, research centers, enterprises, local operators and actors, in the stimulus dynamics regarding innovation and technology transfer. It will be provided food for thought with thorough examinations from various perspectives while keeping the nexus between art, science, and technology – the catalyst element of the originality of the Italian production.



Monday, 19 July
H 9.00 – A comparison of art, science, and technology
H 14.30 – Human capital for Made in Italy
H 16.30 – Smart manufacturing in the culture-related sectors and fields of Made in Italy

Tuesday, 20 July
H 9.00 – New business models and co-innovation for Made in Italy
H 11.00 – Digital and the creative and design companies
H 14.30 – Platforms to innovate on Made in Italy
H 16.30 – Tradition, innovation, and sustainability in manufacturing

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