Tavoli Tematici del Cluster MinIt

On 28 July, was held the digital kickoff meeting of the Thematic Tables.
Such an event provided the opportunity to discuss case history, brands’ expression, and trends concerning the manufacturing industry nowadays.

The main topics examined within each table were: the perimeter of Made in Italy, the role of the Cluster, business models, circular economy, and traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

The President of the Coordination and Management Committee, Silvana Pezzoli, led off the discussion. It involved four speakers and a large attendance of members and relevant players of the Italian entrepreneurial scene, who discussed consumers’ new needs and demands, the recent successful loops on the manufacturing market, and the analogic and digital factors affecting any change on such a market.

The foundations of the thinking line followed during the event laid in the peculiar attitude and vision belonging to Made in Italy, which stood out once again as the heart and mind of the quality offered by the Italian industry.