The MinIt Cluster and the National Agrifood Cluster CL.A.N. have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at developing projects relating to the challenges of Made in Italy for the agri-food sector.

During the meeting, Silvana Pezzoli and Mauro Fontana expressed the need to apply a strategic and joint approach towards synergies developing, proposals building and stimulating the institutions on some specific areas.

The two clusters will be launching a series of activities, such as establishing ad hoc working high profile groups along with experts,organizing joint projects with open innovation and cross fertilization models, and establishing actions aimed at stakeholders and institutions.


General presentation of the cluster and colleagues

Silvana Pezzoli (President of MinIt)

Mauro Fontana (President of CL.A.N.)

Innovation roadmaps

Alberto Bassi (President of the MinIt Scientific and Training Committee)

Massimo Iannetta (President of the Technical Scientific Committee of CL.A.N.)

Areas of synergy

Fernando Alberti (Vice President of MinIt)

Paolo Bonaretti (Executive Vice President of CL.A.N.)

Signature of Memorandum of Understanding

Silvana Pezzoli (President of MinIt)

Mauro Fontana (President of CL.A.N.)